How to choose the perfect partner in Business Intelligence?

Marcin Banaszak

Sep 13, 2023

Business Intelligence


Currently, companies are bombarded with a vast amount of information, which is crucial for making business decisions and achieving success. Therefore, choosing the right Business Intelligence (BI) partner is extremely important.

Diverse Competencies vs. Specialization

Choosing a specialist in one technology, you can benefit from their deep knowledge and experience in that particular field. However, in the ever-changing world of technology, relying on just one technology can be risky. On the other hand, a company with broad competencies offers support in many technologies, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to evolving business needs.

Advantages of Diverse Competencies

  • Flexibility: technologies are constantly evolving and changing. A company with broad competencies can adapt to these changes and offer solutions based on the latest technologies.
  • Integration: the data in your company may come from different sources and be in various formats. A company with broad competencies can integrate this data, regardless of the technology in which they are stored.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: a company with broad competencies can offer comprehensive solutions, covering the entire BI process, from data preparation to analysis and visualization.

Selection Criteria

  • Experience: ensure that the company you intend to work with has experience working with various technologies and industries.
  • References: check the company’s references. Do they have satisfied customers who have used their services?
  • Support: make sure the company offers support after implementation. Do they provide training and technical support?

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Practical Examples of Partnership in Business Intelligence

System Migration: Company X decided to migrate from one BI system to another to better accommodate its growing needs. They chose a firm with broad competencies that had experience working with both systems. As a result, Company X was able to migrate seamlessly, preserving all its data and reports.

Global Company: Y is a global company with various local units, each using different BI technologies. Additionally, different departments within Company Y use different tools and technologies. They chose a firm with broad competencies that integrated data from various local units and departments, allowing Company Y to better understand its global business.

Summary of Choosing a Business Intelligence Partner

Choosing the right BI partner is a pivotal decision that can impact the success of your company. Opting for a company with broad competencies can yield better results as it offers flexibility, integration, and comprehensive solutions. Remember to consider the company’s experience, references, and the support they provide. An example of such an organization is Astrafox, which possesses broad competencies in the realm of BI, making it an ideal partner for collaboration. Would you like to discuss the needs of your company? Schedule a free consultation in any BI topic and technology now!