R / Python

The magic of data analysis and the art of graphing

R / Python is a programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics that is indispensable in the world of science, technology and business. It allows you to perform complex data analysis and create high-quality graphics that are essential for making sound, data-driven decisions.

R / Python provides an integrated set of tools for data processing, calculations and graphical display. It includes an efficient data handling and storage system, a set of operators for calculations on arrays, especially matrices, and advanced graphical tools. R allows the creation of new functions and is highly extensible, allowing it to be tailored to individual user needs.

R / Python is ‘free software’ available under the GNU (General Public Licence). It supports multiple platforms, including UNIX, Linux, Windows and MacOS. It includes its own documentation format, similar to LaTeX, which allows algorithms and processes to be easily and accurately traced. With R, users can build complex statistical models, perform time series analysis, clustering and many other statistical techniques, and create professional-looking graphs and charts.

Key functionalities:

Data processing

R enables the efficient management, cleaning and preparation of data, which is crucial for any analysis.

Statistical analysis

R offers a wide range of statistical techniques, from simple tests to complex predictive models, enabling accurate data analysis.

Data visualisation

With its extensive graphics libraries, R enables you to create professional, publication-quality charts and graphs.


R is a fully-fledged programming language that allows the creation of scripts, functions and packages to increase the efficiency and automation of analysis processes.


Thanks to its package system, R can be easily extended, allowing the environment to be adapted to specific needs and projects.

Compatibility with other languages

R allows integration with other programming languages, such as C++, to perform more sophisticated calculations and operations.

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