Amazon QuickSight

Integrating Business Intelligence on a massive scale

Amazon QuickSight is a tool that delivers integrated business intelligence (BI) at hyper-scale to fuel data-driven organisations. Users can explore state-of-the-art interactive dashboards, gain insight into their applications, receive formatted, scheduled reports, and make informed decisions using Machine Learning. With QuickSight, you can put knowledge into action faster and with greater efficiency.

QuickSight is a server-based solution that automatically scales to tens of thousands of users without the need to configure or manage any in-house servers. QuickSight’s compute engine, SPICE, provides consistently fast response times for end users and analysts, eliminating the need to scale databases for large workloads. The SPICE engine automatically replicates data, allowing multiple users to run analytics on different AWS data simultaneously.

QuickSight offers two payment options – the Standard Edition, ideal for individual users, with a monthly fee per author, and the Enterprise Edition, aimed at corporate users, where reader and author payments are billed separately.

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Key features:

BI generation

Transform traditional, multi-step BI tasks into intuitive, natural language-based experiences that help you quickly discover and share essential data.

Report generation

From a single, fully managed cloud BI service, users can create, schedule and share reports and data exports.

Asking questions in natural language

QuickSight Q, powered by ML, enables users to ask conversational questions about data and deliver relevant visualisations.

Embedding analytics

Enables the embedding of interactive visualisations, the creation of advanced dashboards and the use of natural language queries in applications to differentiate the user experience.


Automatic scaling to tens of thousands of users without the need to configure or manage your own servers.


Pay only for what you use with a pay-per-use model, eliminating the need to purchase large numbers of end-user licences.

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