Process automation and paperless

Why is this so important?

Modern businesses must operate quickly, flexibly, and efficiently to survive in the dynamically changing world of business. Process automation and a “paperless” strategy are keys to achieving these goals.

  • Data collection for further analysis – automation allows for effective and precise data collection, which is essential for analyzing results, trends, and directions in business.
  • Time and cost savings: reducing manual, repetitive tasks allows employees to focus on more valuable activities while simultaneously reducing operational costs.
  • Sustainable development: cutting down on paper consumption contributes to environmental protection and helps build a company’s image as environmentally responsible.
  • Improved accuracy and safety: digital processes reduce the risk of human errors and also provide better data security.

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How do we do it?

Focusing on modern technologies and proven methods, we offer a comprehensive automation service.

  1. Needs analysis: initially, we analyze the current processes in your company, identifying areas that can be optimized.
  2. Tool implementation: we use the latest technologies and software to create customized solutions tailored to your business needs.
  3. Training and support: we provide training for your team to ensure a smooth transition to the new system, and we also offer ongoing support as needed.

Examples of solutions

Financial area

  • Invoice circulation.
  • Invoice compliance checking.
  • Orders.
  • Vendor approval.
  • Advance settlements.
  • Business trip settlements.
  • Requisitions.

Legal area

  • Electronic document signing.
  • Contract circulation.
  • Document registry.
  • Contract compliance with the budget.
  • Power of attorney verification.
  • Handling inquiries to the legal department.
  • Court documents.

Human Resources Area

  • Electronic Employee Documentation.
  • Employee Portal.
  • Leave Requests.
  • Contracts.
  • Business Trip Requests.
  • Periodic Medical Examination Referrals.
  • Recruitment.

Administrative Area

  • Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence Handling.
  • Requests to the Management.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Power of Attorney Register.
  • Mileage Reimbursements.
  • Meeting Room Reservations.
  • Document Archive.

IT Area

  • Ticketing System.
  • Permission Management.
  • Hardware Register.
  • Systems Documentation Repository.
  • Task Planning.
  • Security Incident Reports.
  • License Register.

BPM Platform

  • Menu Change Approval.
  • Scrap Inventory Management.
  • Calling and SMS Messaging to Customers.
  • Creditworthiness Analysis.
  • Handling Special Orders for Key Customers.
  • Purchase-Sale Agreement.
  • Vehicle Release Procedure.
  • Handling Requests for Quotations (RFQ).
  • Internal Company Communication.
  • Adaptation Program.

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