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About us

We are Polish consulting company who helps solve business problems through the use of the latest technologies in order to build a better future. Since 1999, we have been providing organizations with the knowledge and modern technologies to efficiently make accurate business decisions based on data. We assist in all aspects of working with business intelligence tools such as designing data structures, training, workshops, consulting, advanced programming, and integration. We specialize in tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, R. Right now we have over 200 satisfied customers from various industries. We can share our knowledge for different verticals like: FMCG, retail, telecommunications, supply chain and logistic, manufacturing, healthcare, media, real estate, finance & banking, etc.

Our set of Values


While creating a company, we have also created a set of values, namely:

We aim to do everything in a clear and easy to understand way. We aim to avoid all misunderstandings, and our idea of cooperation is based on the principles of transparency.
Shared knowledge
Information is always available to everyone. We help our clients to achieve the best results out of all IT solutions we provide.
Efficient communication
We respect our customers’ time and we care about efficient communication. Our goal is always to fully and efficiently answer our customers’ questions.
Accessibility and Openness
Our team of professionals is always ready to give comprehensive answers to our customers’ questions.
Development of creativity is the foundation of our company. We are constantly looking for the best, unique solutions and we concentrate on the ones which maximize our clients’ benefits.
We believe that our clients’ success is our success. We are a company whose priority is to care for the satisfaction of its clients.
Information that our clients provide to us is secure and fully covered by protocols of confidentiality.
Knowledge Development
We believe that knowledge is the key to success in business. Therefore, we are constantly improving the competencies of our team members in order to always offer the best solutions available on the market.