Why should you migrate?

In the era of digital transformation, the ability to quickly adapt to changing technologies is essential. As experts in leading technologies (according to Gartner), we observe a trend of migration to other solutions, especially to Power BI. Migrating to top-tier BI tools is no longer a luxury but a necessity to remain competitive in the market and meet the growing business requirements.

  • Improved flexibility and autonomy: Migrating to modern BI tools, such as Power BI, can significantly enhance an organization’s flexibility, enabling faster and more efficient decision-making. Modern tools offer users better opportunities for independent data analysis, speeding up the decision-making process and reducing the burden on IT teams.
  • Process optimization: Over time, every organization accumulates outdated processes and systems. Migration, for example from traditional Microsoft ETL solutions to modern platforms like Snowflake, is the perfect opportunity for optimization. By eliminating unnecessary steps and implementing newer, more efficient solutions, organizations can significantly increase their productivity.
  • Positive change: Moving to a new platform, such as migrating data to the Snowflake cloud, signifies a positive change. However, it’s a complex undertaking that, without proper preparation, can disrupt business operations, undermine user trust, and jeopardize data security.

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How do we conduct migrations?

Our expertise across various data storage and BI platforms allows us to transition clients to a stable new environment in a cost-effective manner with minimal downtime for users. We understand that migration is not just about technically transferring data but also an opportunity for optimization and streamlining business processes. That’s why our migration process is backed by experience. We consider best practices and business value, focusing on areas that bring the most business value. Our approach is based on continuous optimization, gradual refinement of areas requiring improvement, and identifying and addressing known issues from previous systems.

Benefits of Migration

Versatility of Migration

Our solutions are designed to meet diverse migration needs. We can transfer data from one tool to another, but also from multiple tools to a single one, ensuring data consistency and integrity.

Migration of Various Platforms:

We have experience in migrating various types of platforms, from on-premises solutions to the cloud, as well as between different analytical and data integration platforms.

Migration Process Automation

We utilize advanced tools that enable the automation of many migration stages, speeding up the process, minimizing the risk of errors, and ensuring greater data consistency during content transfer.

Security and Management

We ensure complete data security throughout the entire migration process. Our solutions include access management, performance monitoring, ongoing maintenance and system tuning, as well as support and training for users.

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