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The Alteryx platform is a tool for businesses as well as analysts or IT departments. Its versatility and user-friendliness unite teams and minimise the time between identifying a problem and finding a solution.

Alteryx is used as a universal toolkit for all data-related work and advanced analytics by many companies (e.g. Deloitte, Unilever or Żabka). With Alteryx, they integrate structured and unstructured data without coding and create a library of data models. Analysts have come to love Alteryx because it has freed them from having to rely on IT to prepare data.

4 reasons why you should choose Alteryx:

10 times faster project delivery

Data integration, cleansing and preparation, and advanced analytics (Python, R and spatial analysis) are all on a single platform.

Eliminate the frustration of working with multiple data sources

Alteryx has extreme connectivity to DB, DWH, APIs, and proprietary file formats.

Development towards Data Science

Possibility to move into advanced analytics (forecasting, geographic analysis, simulations, decision trees) without coding.

No knowledge is lost within the organisation

All processes created in Alteryx are automatically documented, providing a single source of truth across the organisation.

As the leader in analytics process automation (APA), Alteryx brings together all the processes involved in working with data in one comprehensive platform to accelerate digital transformation. The Alteryx APA Platform ™ provides hundreds of automated processes for data preparation and fusion, diagnostic and predictive analytics, autoML (automated machine learning), and skills-free data science coding.

Alteryx is an intuitive, self-service analytics platform that requires no specialist skills. It is designed to put the creation of automation processes in the hands of all data workers. It allows you to automate analytical and data science processes. It provides the possibility to manage complex data-driven business processes and delivers all the information needed to run a business regardless of the industry. Thousands of organisations around the world use Alteryx to access data quickly. For more information, please visit

Alteryx in a nutshell:

Data preparation

Compare data from multiple sources and formats up to a hundred times faster than before. Use the drag & drop method and let Alteryx do the rest. Combine information from any source, such as SQL transactions with geo data, and process it in seconds. Create any process on the data, automate its execution, and export data to Tableau or any database.

Predictive analysis

Do you find existing predictive tools complex and demanding? With Alteryx, predictive analytics is easy to learn and streamlines the way you work. Scan your data, compare the performance of multiple predictive models, select the best one and apply it. All of it is available straight from the box, no programming required.

Spatial analysis

With Alteryx, spatial analysis is no longer the domain of a narrow group of experts. Now anyone can access the data and freely compare information, create maps and present results. Additional TomTom data packages can be used to geocode addresses, calculate road distances and take into account past traffic when calculating travel times.


Creating customised reports and updating data on demand is now incredibly easy. Alteryx reduces the time it takes to create and update reports by integrating these processes. You can easily create a presentation in any format: .xls, .ESRI Shapefile, .XML, .pdf or as Tableau files.

Alteryx is a toolkit that enables:

  • Process-oriented data preparation.
  • Creation of analytical and statistical models.
  • Automation of created processes on data.
  • Management of a catalogue of data sources.
  • Maintenance of a repository of shared models.
  • Implementing/running models in a production environment using interfaces to external applications.

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