Snowflake – Big Data in the cloud

Big data is usually associated with huge amounts of data, measured in hundreds of terabytes in multiple columns. There is also a more straightforward definition: if you have to wait more than a minute for data or a report, you probably have a Big Data problem. The missing element in your infrastructure is Snowflake – an ultra-fast, fully secure analytic database in the cloud.


Snowflake will change the way you think about data warehousing. It is a state-of-the-art intelligent cloud database that enables you to analyse huge amounts of data in real time. It has no limits on the amount of data processed or the number of simultaneous users. And, most importantly, it is precisely tailored to your organisation’s needs. Snowflake supports SQL queries, making it a great integration with report-building solutions such as Tableau, Qlik or Power BI. It can also work with ETL solutions such as Alteryx, which allow processes to be processed directly in the analytical database.

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What makes Snowflake's data warehouse different?

One central source of data across your organisation

  • Handles both structured and semi-structured data from disparate sources without the need for unification or transformation.
  • Allows data to be shared securely with users in real time.
  • Guarantees continuous access to data.
  • An unlimited number of queries and users.
  • Excellent integration with ETL and visualisation tools.

Automatic space and speed scaling

  • Separate space for storage and computing.
  • Flexible resource management – the ability to scale up and down in real time as you work with data.
  • Support for seasonal reporting ‘peaks’ and automatic adjustment of reporting spaces to meet business needs.

No hardware = easier and cheaper way to work with data

  • 100% cloud-based data warehouse – eliminates the management and maintenance costs that occur in traditional models.
  • Pay only for the actual time and volume of data processed, with the option of per-second billing.
  • The automatic optimisation of the infrastructure and the guarantee of security allows you to focus on the actual use of the data rather than on its management.

The modern Big Data environment in organisations:

Dashboard Big Data in 3 minutes thanks to the combination of Snowflake and Tableau:

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