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In the process of evaluating our services, we distinguish three main elements that allow for an individual approach to each client:

  • License Costs – Licenses are customized to the specific needs of your chosen department within your company. We offer a range of different technologies that enable efficient work and data analysis. Choosing the right license is crucial because it determines the functionality and capabilities of the system we will implement in your company. We also offer solutions that have no licensing costs. One example is the use of “Web Reports (REACT/JS/jQuery),” which is a great option for companies looking to avoid licensing restrictions and hidden costs.
  • Implementation and Training Costs – Implementation is individually determined based on the client’s requirements, often preceded by a pre-implementation analysis that specifies needs and final products. Implementation may include the following:
    • Installation and configuration of tools.
    • Data connection and preparation, including data cleansing and the construction of coherent data sources for further reporting.
    • Integrations with other systems.
    • Preparation of initial reports and dashboards.

We offer FREE consultations that allow for an approximate cost estimate of the implementation.

Training is an integral part of implementing new solutions. It enables your employees to fully leverage the potential of the implemented tools. Our training is practical and focused on specific outcomes to ensure that everyone can benefit as much as possible.

  • Post-Implementation Support
    • Maintenance: We guarantee the smooth operation of the implemented systems through monitoring and a quick response to any issues.
    • Development: We support clients in expanding reports, data sources, integrations, and addressing ongoing needs.

Let us help you create a tailored solution that meets your unique needs.

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