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  • Outsourcing BI
  • Data Preparation
  • Reports and Visualizations
  • Training
  • Service Care (SLA)
  • BI Assistance
  • Process Automation and Paperless
  • Outsourcing BI

    In a world where data forms the foundation of business decision-making, our aim is to enable every company, regardless of size or industry, to effectively harness this data for their growth. We understand how daily tasks and commitments can make this challenging, which is why we offer support every step of the way. We have specialists in various technologies like Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, Snowflake, Python, and R. Proudly, we offer a wide range of services that includes data architecture, data integration, developing analysis and reports, long-term support, advanced Machine Learning analytics, upskilling analysts, and expertise in key business areas.

    Outsourcing BI
  • Data Preparation

    Our “Data Preparation” service is the key to effective analysis and proper business decision-making. Through detailed analysis, cleaning, standardization, and data transformation, we eliminate errors that could distort the analysis. Our quality control ensures reliable, consistent data, ready for further work.

    With our assistance, you can focus on data analysis and business decisions, rather than the labor-intensive process of preparing data. We employ modern techniques and tools to deliver the highest quality of data, tailoring the process to your needs. Our data preparation guarantees efficiency and optimal data utilization.

    Data preparation
  • Reports and Visualizations

    Our data reporting and visualization service transforms raw information into easily understandable presentations. We simplify the understanding of complex patterns and trends, shorten analysis time, and enhance decision-making processes. Our approach is based on analyzing client requirements, selecting appropriate analytical tools, and creating interactive presentations. We ensure the aesthetics and clarity of the visualizations, tailoring them to various target audiences.

    We craft interactive charts, customized reports, conduct data analyses, integrate information from various sources, and create dynamic dashboards. Our unique approach focuses on adapting to client needs and presenting analysis results aesthetically, leading to valuable insights for business decision-making.

    Reports and Visualizations
  • Training

    The Center of Excellence at Astrafox was established to support the continuous development of our clients in areas related to the broad concepts of Business Intelligence and Data Science. We bring over 10 years of experience, having conducted 250 training sessions with over 100 clients. We offer training sessions, workshops, and presentations.

    Center of Excellence
  • Service Care (SLA)

    Astrafox’s SLA service is a guarantee of your peace of mind and security, ensuring professional management of the BI Tableau Server platform without involving your company’s internal resources. Our proactive approach to managing your installation allows for the identification and prevention of threats even before they arise.

    Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • BI Assistance

    Boost the power of your business with our specialized Business Intelligence Consultations! Our offering is a rapid solution for your company – we provide quick and effective solutions using tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, and Snowflake. We offer not only technological support for business but also competency support for developers and those learning new technologies.

    BI Assistance
  • Process Automation and Paperless

    We offer a comprehensive service for automating processes in your company, leading to time and cost savings, enhanced accuracy and data security, and promoting sustainable growth. The process encompasses needs analysis, tool implementation, training, and support, with various solutions in financial, legal, human resources, administrative, IT, and BPM domains. Automation is crucial for the survival of modern businesses in a rapidly changing business world. It facilitates effective data collection, reduces manual tasks, protects the environment, decreases the risk of human errors, and better safeguards data.

    Process automation and paperless

Find out what you'll gain by collaborating with Astrafox!


Organize data scattered from various sources and automate data preparation and modeling processes.


Harness your business potential embedded in data. Save time and build a competitive advantage by working with experienced consultants.


Gain knowledge and modern technology with the support of specialists who will seamlessly guide you through all implementation processes.



Ensure the quality of your company’s data, which will help you acquire information to increase your business turnover.


Order analyses and management dashboards tailored to your requirements.


Gain essential knowledge through training conducted by BI specialists.

This is what our customers say about us

We have completed over 1100 implementations in various industries. Get to know some of our clients.

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  • DPD Poland

    “Astrafox delivered and successfully implemented a Business Intelligence solution based on the Tableau ecosystem in our organization […] The implemented solution allowed for the integration of dispersed data across the organization, sped up analytical and reporting work for business users, and relieved the IT department, reducing the time and effort spent on data preparation and report generation for the company’s business departments.

  • National Centre for Research and Development

    Astrafox Sp. z o. o. provided training for users in the field of creating analytical reports. The cooperation with the company was at a high level, without any reservations or delays, in accordance with the planned schedule.

  • Bayer Sp. z o.o.

    Astrafox Sp. z o. o. conducted training on Tableau Prep and provided analytical report building services for our organization. The collaboration proceeded without any reservations, and we highly rate the quality of the services provided. The consultants’ experience and skills enabled the efficient execution of the projects. The employees utilize the latest technologies, possess expert knowledge, and have extensive experience, which we were able to confirm during our cooperation.

  • Candid Group

    ”BI Expert Services team by Astrafox successfully improved interactive Tableau dashboards and created new budget, financial data, and Management Board dashboards. […] We work with BI Expert Services team by Astrafox also in terms of Alteryx services. […] The implemented solution allowed the integration of data dispersed throughout the organization, accelerate the analytical and reporting work of business users and relieve the IT department, reducing the time commitment in preparing data sources and the reports themselves for the company’s business departments. We recommend working with BI Expert Services team by Astrafox.

  • E.ON Poland

    Since 2019, we have been collaborating with Astrafox Sp. z o. o. The company provided Tableau licenses and conducted training for our employees. The training sessions covered topics related to best practices in visualization, database connectivity, calculations, formatting, and dashboard creation. The employee training was conducted in a thorough and professional manner, contributing to the swift and efficient implementation of the tool in our organization. We are satisfied with the services provided by the company.

  • Grupa Pracuj S.A.

    Tableau BI is used as an analytical and reporting tool in our organization. This program enables easy creation of reports, statistics, forecasts, and other visualizations within seconds, thanks to the drag and drop method. Tableau has completely changed the way we think about data, allowing us to focus on analysis and extracting valuable insights. This tool enables data integration from over a hundred different sources.”

  • Grupa OLX

    Astrafox Sp. z o. o. provides design and construction services for analytical reports for the Otodom platform, based on Tableau BI software. The consultants’ experience and skills have enabled the efficient execution of projects. The consultants have extensive technical and business experience and deliver products according to the best data visualization standards, resulting in high-quality reporting products. The proactive approach of the consultants, supported by years of experience in data-related work, allowed us to quickly achieve our business goals and execute projects at the highest level.”

  • B2X Care Solutions

    Astrafox Sp. z o. o. has been collaborating with us since 2017. The company provided licenses, maintenance services for the delivered business intelligence software, and data exchange service during the subscription period. The services provided primarily include proper data access, access to new software versions, technical support for administrators, and resolution of reported issues.

  • JLL

    “Astrafox Sp. z o. o., based in Warsaw, increased the adoption of the Alteryx tool during its implementation in our company. They provided training services to our users on building data models in Alteryx.

    The Alteryx BI solution expedites tasks related to data preparation for analysis and advanced analytics within the organization. It is primarily aimed at business users, offering simplicity, flexibility, and the ability to clean, combine, and analyze structured and unstructured data from any source.

    The service implementation proceeded without any reservations and adhered to the agreed-upon schedule.”

Astrafox in Numbers

We are a Polish consulting firm that helps solve business problems using the latest technologies to build a better future. Currently, we have over 1000 satisfied clients from various industries. Our expertise can be applied in various sectors such as FMCG, retail, telecommunications, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, media, real estate, finance, and banking, among others.




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