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The Databricks Lakehouse Platform uniquely combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to reduce costs and deliver data and AI initiatives faster. Built on open standards and open source, Lakehouse simplifies data management by eliminating the silos that traditionally complicate data and AI work.

Databricks Lakehouse is a unified platform for integration, storage, processing, management, sharing, analytics and AI. It provides the ability to work with structured and unstructured data, a complete view of data lineage and access to tools such as Python and SQL. Free from proprietary formats and closed ecosystems, data is always under user control. Automatic performance and storage optimisation make Databricks scalable and adaptable to business needs, regardless of size.

It provides full data control, openness and scalability while allowing the integration of a wide variety of data types and analytical tools.

Key functionalities:


It provides a single platform for integrating various data, allowing structured and unstructured data to be worked with in one place.


Lakehouse provides data storage free from proprietary formats and closed ecosystems while ensuring user control over the data.


Enables efficient data processing by automatically optimising performance for both data storage and AI applications.

Data governance

It provides a single tool for a complete overview of the data lineage, making it easier to manage and maintain data quality.

Data Sharing

With Delta Sharing, Databricks provides an open solution for the secure sharing of live data to any computing platform.

Analysis and AI

Provides a single platform for data analysis and the use of AI, enabling both notetakers and advanced analytical tools such as Python and SQL.

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