Our clients

We have implemented over 1100 deployments in various industries. We have experience in the following areas:

FMCG and retail

Heinz, Unilever, Hilti, Danone, British American Tobacco, Allegro, Sodexo, Mag Dystrybucja.

Industrial production

Faurecia, Continental, Lug Light, Metaltech, CEMEX.


DPD, Fedex, NoLimit, Logintrans, Rohlig Suus.


CircleK, Amerigas, PSE.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Bayer, Novartis, Neuca, Kamsoft.


Zenitoptimedia, Starcom, Sales&More, TVN, CodeMedia, ITI Neovision, Cyfrowy Polsat, Agora, AEGIS, Infor IT.

Real estate



Polkomtel, Orange, Play, Netia.

Finance and banking

BZ WBK, Getin Noble Bank, PayU, PWPW, TGE, MACIF Życie, AXA, Everest Finance.


Cisco, C&F.

  • DPD

    “Astrafox delivered and successfully implemented a Business Intelligence software solution based on the Tableau ecosystem in our organization […] The implemented solution allowed for the integration of scattered data throughout the organization, accelerated analytical and reporting work for business users, and relieved the IT department by reducing the time involvement in preparing data sources and reports for the company’s business departments.”

  • JLL

    “(…) Astrafox Sp. z o. o., based in Warsaw, increased the adoption of the Alteryx tool during its implementation in the company. They provided us with user training services in building data models using the Alteryx tool.

    The Alteryx BI solution accelerates tasks related to data preparation for analysis and advanced analytics in the organization. It is mainly aimed at business users, is simple, flexible, and offers freedom in cleaning, merging, and analyzing structured and unstructured data from any source.

    The service was carried out without any objections and in accordance with the agreed schedule.”

  • National Center for Research and Development

    “Astrafox Sp. z o. o. conducted training for users in the creation of analytical reports. Cooperation with the company was of a high standard, without any objections or delays, in accordance with the planned schedule.”

  • Heinz

    “The implementation of Tableau significantly accelerated analytical work and reporting processes in our organization. Additionally, professional consultations allowed for quick mastery of the tool and basing the reporting processes of the planning department on the Tableau platform. The proactive approach of the consultants allowed for the design of an optimal structure and form of reports. We encourage you to implement Tableau technology together with Astrafox.”

  • Unilever

    “Tableau allows us to present many indicators in a user-friendly way, which we base our work on. The training was conducted in an interesting and dynamic manner. The instructor promptly responded to queries and ideas from the participants.”

  • Trans.eu

    “We use Tableau to visualize what’s happening in our system (used by 30,000 companies). We report data from both established, popular products and those we are just introducing to the market. The ability to create multiple views, filters for reports, and their automatic refresh at a given time is a significant convenience in delivering data to the right people. (…) We mostly use extracts due to the significant acceleration; interestingly, the largest report contains data in over 100 million records and manages well.”

  • Poznań University of Economics and Business

    “I can confidently say that the project ‘Smart Data Analysis for the Support of Rational Decision Making in the Energy Sector’, in which we used Tableau alongside SAP HANA, was a success (…) After each presentation of visualization results, many business and science representatives asked us questions about Tableau.”

  • Sodexo

    “Tableau gives us the ability to react very dynamically to changing information needs, allowing in a surprisingly simple, efficient, and impressive way, to build visualizations that combine data from organized data warehouse structures with the results of ad-hoc analyses available in Excel files.”

  • Polkomtel (Plus GSM)

    “Tableau gives us the benefit that the time between questions about data and the moment of response is really short, and the ability to access a wide range of sources in one environment…”

  • Veolia Energia Warszawa

    “Tableau workshops made us realize how powerful this tool is. Despite the relatively short time, we touched on advanced topics, (…) well-chosen examples clarified many doubts for us…”

  • Jones Lang LaSalle

    “A two-day training on advanced features of Tableau Desktop added significant value for us. It is a great tool for data visualization, and it also has many capabilities that we previously didn’t know about.”

  • Hilti

    “We emphasize the great commitment and professionalism of the people representing Astrafox, which greatly contributed to the fast and effective implementation of the Tableau tool. The proposed and implemented solutions significantly accelerated analytical and reporting work throughout the organization.”

  • B2X Care Solutions

    “Astrafox Sp. z o. o. has been cooperating with us since 2017. The company provided licenses, provides maintenance services for the supplied business intelligence class tool software and data exchange service during the granted subscriptions. The services provided are primarily proper access to data, access to new software versions, technical support for administrators, and repair of reported errors.”

  • Grupa Pracuj

    “Tableau BI is used as an analytical and reporting tool in our organization. This software allows easy creation of reports, statistics, forecasts, and other visualizations in a matter of seconds, thanks to the drag and drop method. Tableau has completely changed the way we think about data and allowed us to focus on analysis and drawing valuable conclusions. This tool allows integration with data from over a hundred different sources.”

  • Candid Group

    “BI Expert Services team by Astrafox successfully improved interactive Tableau dashboards and created new budget, financial data, and Management Board dashboards. […] We work with BI Expert Services team by Astrafox also in terms of Alteryx services. […] The implemented solution allowed the integration of data dispersed throughout the organization, accelerate the analytical and reporting work of business users and relieve the IT department, reducing the time commitment in preparing data sources and the reports themselves for the company’s business departments. We recommend working with BI Expert Services team by Astrafox.”

  • Bayer

    “The company Astrafox Sp. z o. o. conducted training in Tableau Prep and provided services for building analytical reports for our organization. The cooperation proceeded without any issues, and we rate the quality of the provided services very highly. The experience and skills of the consultants allowed for effective project implementation. The employees use the latest technologies, have expert knowledge, and many years of experience, which we were able to see during our collaboration.”

  • E.ON

    “Since 2019, we have been collaborating with Astrafox Sp. z o. o. The company provided Tableau licenses and conducted training for our employees. During the training, topics related to good visualization practices, database connection, calculations, formatting, and dashboard creation were discussed. Employee training was conducted in a thorough and professional manner, which contributed to the quick and efficient implementation of the tool in our organization. We are satisfied with the services provided by the company.”

  • Grupa OLX

    “Astrafox Sp. z o. o. provides the Otodom service with services related to the design and construction of analytical reports, based on the Tableau BI software. The experience and skills of the consultants allowed for effective project implementation. The consultants have significant technical and business experience and deliver products according to the best data visualization standards, which translates into high-quality reporting products. The proactive attitude of the consultants, backed by many years of experience in data work, allowed us to quickly achieve our business goals and implement projects at the highest level.”

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