Chief Operating Officer

Natalia Laskowska

An expert in optimization and team management, experienced in HR tools and practices, particularly in the operational aspects of running and scaling organizations. She is data-driven, focusing on employee efficiency and operational excellence. Building an operational team from scratch (from 0 to 300 employees in just 4 years) has given her insights into the biggest challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations and how to address them.

She leverages her experience to help others become inspiring and effective leaders. In recent years, she has successfully supported talented leaders in achieving positive changes and consistent growth for themselves and their organizations. She has experience in strategic planning, goal achievement, organizational culture development, customer service and best practices, recruitment, quality assurance, performance monitoring, and team motivation.

Natalia is an advocate for LEAN principles, with a focus on eliminating waste. She builds data-driven solutions that evolve products and refine processes. However, her strongest belief is that people are the most important aspect of business.

Privately, she is a mother of twins and a former handball player.

Natalia Laskowska