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Strategic partnership between Astrafox and Cisco Systems

by May 17, 2017Business

We are pleased to announce a new strategic Partnership between Astrafox and Cisco Systems. We are proud that one of the biggest technology conglomerates has appreciated the Astrafox, thanks to the complexity of our portfolio and professional approach to the customer. Since 1999 we are providing the expert knowledge and modern technologies for the organizations. We are the leader in Business Intelligence market and this cooperation is the effect of our long-term strategy. It is a significant step for us. We are more than sure that the partnership will give us new business opportunities, and will help Astrafox to keep the position of the leader in the business intelligence industry. We want to be a part of our customer’s success and support them wherever it is possible. We will continue the expansion on the enterprise market in the coming years, and the cooperation with Cisco will reflect the way how we want to achieve it.