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Visual Analytics Audit Program


Is your organization able to leverage the potential of the most valuable resource at your disposal- the data? Big Data is one of the fastest growing fields. Companies invest heavily in the development of Big Data and Data Science to make better business decisions. At the same time, most analysts do not understand why they should abstain from using Pie Charts, Speedometer or 3D Chart graphs in Visual Analytics. Unfortunately, most vendors providing solutions for Business Intelligence do not offer a helping hand in this endeavor.  They compete in increasingly sophisticated types of visualization forgetting the primary goal of Data Visualization which is to communicate information clearly and efficiently. Lack of knowledge or experience causes that the information is not available for all and can’t be consumed at different levels of organisation. Collecting information, unfortunately, does not do the whole trick. To be successful, you need to convey facts and ideas in an efficient and consumable form to users at different levels of knowledge and experience. In many organizations, Visual Analytics is the most under-resourced field.

To meet the challenges of today’s data-driven world Astrafox has created the Audit Program specifying the areas of Visual Analytics, which should be improved in your organization. Regardless of your current Business Intelligence solutions, we will help you review your products from an angle of best practice and best standards in dashboard design and business analytics.

During the audit we will provide you with best solutions which you will be able to implement on your own or with the Astrafox help. We will treat your product as a sports car whose all parts must be effective – as a result we will chech 60 different points and your product will be faster and prepared for the race against time when you need to find important insight quickly.