Certified Professionals Outsourcing


Why can’t I find a suitable employee? In reality, many companies focus mainly on searching for qualified staff by means of specific tools while forgetting about the elements that will have a huge impact on the quality of their work in the future. A perfect Business Intelligence specialist is not just a Tableau or Alteryx expert anymore. Delivering valuable Business Intelligence solutions also requires wide-developed soft skills. It is extremely hard to find an experienced specialist who in addition to technical skills also has a high level of emotional intelligence necessary to build a team and business relationships based on trust and understanding. The problem is common and applies to the whole EMEAR region.

Astra Foxes are the top class specialists who have combined something more than a passion to Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics. Astra Foxes are primarily a circle of friends who treat others with respect and trust. We believe that this is the only proper way to provide our customers with the best services. It gives us profound pleasure when we can help one another and our customers.

We understand that the only right way to reach our goals is through the success of our Business Partners. We want to grow with them and create new standards in business relationships. We invest in our crew and we facilitate their development so they can make their professional and private dreams come true.

If you are looking for employees who can bring new ideas and energy to your team you may just have found them. We are Astra Foxes and this is Astra Fox.


Cisco & Astrafox cooperation

Services delivered to the Cisco’s European BI Team in:

  • Data preparation & modelling using Alteryx tools
  • Preparing & optimizing dashboards for end-users using Tableau tools
  • Advanced analytics & data science, prototyping, implementing models with R